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Timothy Leary's Last Trip

Published November 9, 2007

A documentary called Timothy Leary's Last Trip with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters by A.J.Catoline, O.B.B.Babbs, and David Herman. Film features soundtrack including previously unreleased Grateful Dead tracks. Original footage of Leary, The Merry Pranksters and the Grateful Dead. Includes narration by author Ken Kesey. Exclusive footage of Leary’s final "Cyber Chat" with Ken Kesey on the internet.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: questioning - - February 27, 2011
Subject: Interesting document
It's a shame to see Tim Leary so near death,a man so full of charisma left a worn out shell, but still fascinating to watch. Reading the comments is curious. Why bother posting that LSD causes brain damage when you have no idea what you are talking about?
Reviewer: writingbiz - - September 2, 2010
Subject: Major faux pas
Great piece of history, but young OB-wan mixed up a picture of Tiny Tim when introducing Wavy Gravy!
Reviewer: WaterRabbit - - December 8, 2009
Subject: Great Tribute
The filmmaker and the Timothy Leary Archives deserve a thank you from all who have watched and those that will see it in the future. It captured a truly unique time in human history and reminds us that we are here for a short time and should embrace life. Smile!
Reviewer: planes12 - - September 11, 2009
Subject: Not a good thing.
Interesting but sad as well. Leary is partly responsible for the proliferation and dissemination of a an incredibly dangerous drug.
For which, continued and prolonged use causes irreversible brain damage.
The cause of the hallucinations was a constant cutting off of blood flow to the brain which is what caused the delusions and hallucinations.
A percentage of young people were duped into believing they would have life changing and spiritual experiences, which many did in their minds which did not do anything to improve themselves or make them happy.

Instead, the more they did the drug the more they
became disassociated with others and found it then harder to get along in life.

Unfortunately, during the time of most use in the US, was during some of the most social revolutionary times in our history. Many of the young people who may have been able to add something good to this were to busy experiencing "Nirvana" or other nonsensical things.

Taking LSD was a tad different than smoking a couple of dubies on Friday night.
Reviewer: HipCowboy - - August 2, 2009
Subject: Leary was a profit of consiousness
This documentary has a great history of Tim Leary. Leary told people to think for themselves and that scared the crap out of Nixon and his hateful minions.

LSD is no more dangerous than prozac. The poster here who is ranting about Leary and psychedelics is sadly un-informed and obviously didn't watch the video. Even though Leary is dead he's still threatening the conservative culture warriors who fear freedom of thought.
Reviewer: troyriser - - July 31, 2009
Subject: Thanks for all the death and insanity, Leary.
I see the hagiographer with the indecipherable name up there going on about Leary's (and others') contribution to history and culture, et al, ad nauseum. That reviewer evidently doesn't know history or follow logic. LSD, for example, is not 'God-given'. It was invented/discovered/first formulated by Dr. Albert Hoffman. His intent in making the drug was to find a way to artificially recreate the life-changing spiritual experiences that--so far--have proven the only cure for alcoholism and drug addiction. AA co-founder Bill W. was deeply interested in Hoffman's ideas, as was psychoanalytical pioneer Carl Jung, who saw the potential of the drug in psychiatric care. The purpose of LSD was to heal, to cure, to make people better so they could live healthy, normal lives. LSD was never intended to be used without medical supervision because of the risks of permanent psychosis and other kinds of brain damage inherent to such a powerful drug.

So Timothy Leary encouraged people--young people specifically--to take an incredibly powerful and potentially lethal, debilitating, damaging drug as either a recreational experience or as a pseudo-mystical journey with himself as the guru and guiding light. How many hundreds or thousands have died as a direct result of his influence? How many went insane? How many families have been shattered by death and mental disease and damage?

If there's a hell, Leary's in it.
Reviewer: )€-\) H€-\) - - June 23, 2009
Subject: Fantastic.
It is important for all of us to see where our wildest dreams started, then revised themselves and from where the torch was passed to the next. I love the parallels between the internet and the use of LSD in the experiments of these important people in American History. Even though the sixty's was a time much like other periods in the past in terms of drug use, it was original in its own right. A place where God given chemicals were used to teach, cure and explore as intended. This thirst for self discovery and self healing we ALL share, if we admit it or not, and the internet is like a syringe filled with "space dope", faster, stronger, deeper. It won't be long before we are ashamed of it, regulating its use and treating our young for internet addiction. God help us, send us more dynamic individuals like these men and women. Thank you for an enjoyable documentary.
Reviewer: squirrel99 - - June 7, 2009
Subject: Dr. Tim's Last Trip
Easly the best documentery I have ever seen on Timothy Leary's life! This film delivers everything it promises to and more.

The first half of the film is a concise history of the psycadelic revolution focusing on it's two greatest icons, Ken Kesey and Tim Leary. There is truly rare footage here, along with a tribute to Cowboy Neil Casady.

The second half brings us the stories of Leary and Kesey's reunions. They share their thoughts with us on the past and the impact their history has made on the present. Here also is a very nice tribute to Jerry Garcia.

Thank you to all the Merry Pranksters, both first and second generation, for making these glimpses into our past so much clearer.